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                  "The Virtuoso" & "The Virtuoso: A Sequel"

Available In Trade Paper-Back As Well As E - Books!

These two books are two halves of a whole! If you prefer the whole novel under one cover it is available,
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The Author

        The Virtuoso is a story of romance. A love story as well as a story with scarlet moments of lust from that oldest story of all -  the story of human frailty against the spear of temptation.  The lives of Jack/John Dupree and Sophia Berry are played out against a  canvas of music and on the darker side - prostitution. Where will John's life take us?  Where will Sophia's life take her? Be prepared for three dimensional characters and convoluted plots.  "The Virtuoso" will transport you - drawing you into the story to live each scene.

Perhaps, "The Virtuoso" is a looming contemporary classic. A story to be remembered!  A screenplay cloaked as a novel, for the present. You will be the judge!

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The Virtuoso - Paperback

The Virtuoso - E-Book

The Virtuoso: A Sequel - Paperback

The Virtuoso: A Sequel - E-Book

 ISBN# 978-1484066096


 ISBN# 978-1484067116


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